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What is the difference between the “Share of Count (in %)” and the “Share of Total (in %)”. I get different results in my chart depending on the one I select and I can’t figure out why they are different.


Count represents the number of records containing a value for that field.  Total is the sum of all values for that field.  The percentage is calculated by comparing the count or value against a set of grouped fields to the overall count or overall total.

Example of using "Share of Count" 
  • Group by Gender, with the metric "Share of Count" on Student ID.
  • This shows the percentage of students who are male or female, compared to the overall number of students.
 Share of Count (in %): Student IDCount: Student ID

i.e. More students are female.

Example of using "Share of Total"
  • Group by Account Name, with the metric "Share of Value" on Opportunity Amount (in dollars).
  • This shows the percentage of each account's total opportunities as compared to the total opportunity amount across all accounts.
 Share of Total (in %): Opportunity AmountTotal: Opportunity Amount
Account A20%$16,400,000
Account B50%$41,000,000
Account C30%$24,600,000

i.e. Account B makes up 50% of the overall total opportunities of $82,000,000.

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