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AMPED and MAXvoice are a match made in heaven! The combination of powerful features from both platforms allow you to Click-to-Dial, Automatically Log Calls and more!  Below are best practices to use the features to their fullest affect.

Using Desk Phone for Calls*

  • Turn off the web phone in MAXcore and use the desk phone to enable call pops and banners in AMPED.
  • Make sure the web phone icon is green – this means the web phone is off.
  • Make sure voice settings are configured in User Preferences.
  • You can place calls directly from records in AMPED or can dial non-associated numbers from your desk phone.
  • You can then create new leads/contacts in the Call Records section of the “Messages” module in AMPED.

Using Mobile App for Calls

  • Calls can be placed directly to leads, contacts and accounts from the mobile app on your mobile phone.
  • This will automatically create and relate a call activity to that record.
  • The automated call activity can be edited in both the mobile app and the web app.
  • Calls placed to non-associated numbers from your mobile phone will not be sent to your Call Records.
  • You will have to manually add the activities for any calls made from a mobile phone while not in the AMPED mobile app.

Using MAXvoice Web Phone for Calls

  • Turn on the web phone in MAXcore – the web phone icon should be red.
  • The call features will work in the same way as the desk phone.
  • Make sure the voice settings are configured in User Preferences.

*Recommended method while in the office.

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