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  • May 13th, 2014 Release Notes
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May 13th, 2014

The iSEEK team is happy to announce recent enhancements based on user feedback.  This release we improved sharing even further along with several other improvements.   We think you’ll love how easy it now is to:

  • Increase and decrease permissions to people you shared data with
  • Quickly view dataview details
  • Interact with your data

Highlights of new iSEEK release

Thank you for your feedback!

Completed 3 enhancements



Quickly View Details About Your Dataview

  • Explore your Dataverse
  • Each dataview now displays filtering and sharing details
  • Click the funnel icon to view locked down fields in your data

  • Click the human silhouette to quickly view who the data has been shared too



Nibble Enhancements

Users can now fully customize the look and feel of you nibbles!

  • When setting up the nibble the user can elect to supply a custom or pre-made style sheet to change the look and feel of the data they are providing



Machine to Machine Connection

As a user you can now enable the iSEEK API in any dataview to automatically export data anywhere! This feature is supported by Microsoft Excel as well as several others.


Easily Contact The Data Owner With Any Questions!

You can now send an inquiry to the owner of the data asking a variety of questions like:

  • Can you increase the loading time of my data?
  • I can not make any changes to my data. Can you provide me with the permissions to filter and save my own copy?
  • Is it possible to increase my data schedule to once an hour, every hour, 7 days a week?

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