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Release Goals:


  • Empower users view and interact with their data more effectively - Enhancements to view content in different ways. New automated processes to load and transfer data.

New Features:

  • Nibble: A nibble is an optional enhanced feature that empowers users to publish specific, discrete pieces of critical data extraneously to the application by embedding the nibble in an email, on the desktop, in a dashboard, within a website or other location.  It is as is “one-feature, one-button” tool.  Users that have purchased this advanced feature can data mine through thousands or millions or records and, tap the nibble to find the discrete slice of data most important to you.  Key points:.

    • Nibbles are easily configured from an existing iSEEKsc data sets
    • Nibbles can be published anywhere and viewed without any need to log into the system. Nibbles display as a simple button and produce important, real time data


    1. Business: Top performing reps
    2. K-12: Students with the most Absences
    3. Higher Ed: Student picking a college (SAT score, sports involvement, public/private)
    4. Finance: Performance of a stock
    5. K-12: Intervention Required for the following students
    6. K-12: Students at Risk of Drop Out Due to Excessive Disciplinary Actions
    7. Higher Education: Top 10 Best Performing Students (or Schools)
  • Content Browser: This Content Browser is an optional enhanced feature that allows you to view, interact with, touch, edit and identify with all of your data sets comprehensively and contemporaneously on a single screen.

    • Home page: users can optionally set this as their home screen
    • List view:  users can toggle from the browser view to the list view
    • All inclusive:  content includes tables, charts, results views, web content gadgets
    • Interactive: clicking on an icon expands the data to  full screen
    • Options: from the content browser, users can delete, edit, post to dashboard, export, etc
    • Custom View: users can click and drag one or more objects on the content browser to an existing or new dashboard. 

  • Automated FTP Data Import: The data loading process has been enhanced to automatically crawl a pre-existing SFTP site for newly posted data and load it directly into iSEEK Supercruncher.

  • Automated Data Transfer to FTP: Intelligent Agents have been enhanced to not only send a data export via email, but an IA can exported the data automatically and post it to a pre-established SFTP site.

  • Trailing 12 month Filter: The relative date field has been updated so that in addition to last 30, 60, 90 days I can enter any last days (365 for trailing 12 months, 10 days, 14 days, etc.)
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