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Release Goals:


  • Empower users to easily "communicate data" in new ways - Intelligent Agents via Phone, Agents can be created from more chart and table types
  • Feedback on Existing Functionality - improvements to reporting to make viewing of data more condensed

New Features:

  •  Intelligent Agents: Intelligent Alert Agents can be created to alert people based on defined change in data
    • Add/Edit an Agent with Phone based notification
    • More options to create conditions for Tables, Headline charts, and maps
    • Preview the table or chart that you are making a an agent on
  • Opt Out of Agents- you can opt out of agent emails or phone calls by clicking on an opt out link in an agent email or using the phone menu options.
  • Agent Notification Links in the Emails- Agent notification emails include a link to the report and chart that the agent conditions are based on.
  • Quickly create agents directly from a table/chart/report/metric- you can not create an agent directly from a report chart or table.
  • Condensed View of iViews- iViews in a report can be condensed to fit more data on the page to support faster filtering and easier access to results.
  • Count Based on iView Count- when clicking on the chart icon on an iview you can quickly create a chart based on the iview field and count.
  • Display the Reports next Scheduled Update- the reports now show when the data in the report will be updated next.
  • Comments Improvements- the comments are ordered newest to oldest to provide faster access to the newest comments
  • Bug Fixes: several bug fixes are included in this release.
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