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Release Goal:

  • Empower users to easily "communicate data" in new ways - Intelligent Agents via Email and Dashboard improvements
  • Feedback on Existing Functionality - improvements to reports and dashboards

New Features

  • Epic: Intelligent Agents: Intelligent Alert Agents can be created to email based on the change in data
    • Add/Edit an Agent with Email based notification
    • New Product Menu for agents and functionality to list, view, execute, and delete Agents
  • Tabs can have color- Report tabs can be be changed from the default color to a picker of choices to provide additional contextual meaning to the report tabs.


  • Report Activity Jump to Another Report- allow easier access to switch reports that you are viewing the the activity for
  • Add additional ordering/positioning options to the gadget menu- support to "bump" up, down, left, and right a dashboard widget to make reorganizing a dashboard easier.
  • Decrease time it takes to add fields to tabs(with many tabs or fields) - improve the search result field format and tab organization interface to be faster and easier for reports with many fields.


  • Bugs:  several bugs including metric-less tables on dashboards, 
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