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  • Empower users to easily "communicate data" in new ways - Dashboard Number Filters and slider, Data formatting
  • Getting Data in- Data Transformation preloading, improved scheduling, custom datasets, and DTA improvements

New Features:

  • Formatting of Data fields - Formatting of the fields is not more consistent through out reports, tables, and charts.
  • Field Sub-Types - fields can now have subtypes that help with display and formatting of the data.  Supported fields include images, HTML, zipcode, geocodes, and phone numbers.
  • Numeric Floating Filters - numbers can be filtered in a the dashboard text filter.
  • Numeric Slider- The number filter now has a slider UI option to add to your dashboard.
  • Dashboard and Date Filter Slider Performance Improvements- We improved the performance of the dashboard with large datasets.
  • Datasets Support for data transformation scripts - datasets now support a data transformation script prior to loading data into Supercruncher.
  • Dataset Improvements: bi-hourly time increment scheduling, better connection error handling, and a new JDBC dataset type
  • Dataset Quickbooks support- supercruncher can now connect to Intuit Quickbooks installed version as well as Quickbooks Online so you can add the data in reports and dashboards. 
  • Sprint 63 Bugs, Maintenance, and Support- 42 issues/tasks fixed


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