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Release Goals: 

  • Fast and Easy access to add new Data- Improve scheduling of web files
  • New Ways to visualize your data- Metric-less tables, Improved Mapping
  • Simplify and improve the use - Usability improvements with dashboards
  • Data Security/Management - maintain safe haven for data collaboration

New Features:

  • Geographic Data Mapping - you add a legend with the color ranges to your map. The data points now have labels.  US counties have labels.
  • Datasets and Templates Purging- datasets can be marked as Obsolete and become automatically purged after 10 days.  The reports are labeled with expiration date and the label "Obsolete" in the title.
  • Dashboard UI Improvements based on Feedback - when viewing a widget on a dashboard you can view the the filters applied to make the table or chart.  This adds better context understand to the view.
  • Embed Dashboard Table or Chart in a Webpage - you can now embed a table or chart into an external webpage with a simple snippet of code.
  • Scheduled Web Hosted CSV file-  you can now simply schedule the fetching and updating of a CSV file that is in a zip file and  that is hosted on a web.  This speeds up fetching and enables access to more data.
  • Several Bug Fixes- lot of little mapping fixes, exporting tables and charts
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