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Release Goals: 

  • Improve stability of dataset loading and failure handling
  • Better support field additions and removal.
  • Geographic mapping support
  • Usability improvements with dashboards

New Features:

  • Geographic Data Mapping - you can graph my data on a map with details such as city, borders, streets,county and other geographic borders so you can view my data in correlation to geography.  Mapping works with phone numbers, ipaddresses, and longitude and latitude coordinate field data.
  • Dashboard UI Improvements based on Feedback - You can now add a chart or table from the dashboard directly.  Dashboards are wallboard/full-screen friendly.  Click the sprocket on the dashboard and go to "Wallboard On".  You can also edit a chart from the dashboard.
  • Recently Accessed Report List - you can view only the reports that you have accessed within the view reports as a filter because so you can get get quick access to the reports that most important to me. 1 #100
  • *Dynamic Adding of Dataset Fields-  *you can now add a fields to a dataset from the query directly.  Dataset data can also have hints to identify the field types.  Ex.  fieldname1<text>,fieldname2<numeric>
  • Stability and reliability of the dataset loading - several improvements were made to make dataset loading to be more stable, load faster, handle issues better, and report the status.
  • iPad, iPhone,and nonflash devise support- all Supercruncher visuals can now render without Adobe Flash.
  • Several Bug Fixes
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