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Release Goals: 

  • Improve the Speed of the loading of tables, charts, reports, and dashboard
  • Empower users to easily "communicate data" in new ways - custom colors with gauges, dashboard lines
  • Improve dashboard usability- vertical and horizontal lines

New Features:

  • Performance Turbo Boost- Significant improvements to the speed of tables, charts, reports, and dashboard.  Intelligently improves the speed by learning how you use Supercruncher.  
  • Horizontal and Vertical Lines - You can create horizontal and vertical lines on your dashboard to create visual borders and organization.
  • Custom Colors - You can not set custom colors and ranges for the display of data in gauge type charts.  
  • Hide the Dashboard widgets titles- you can hide the widget titles so the widget floats and uses less space on the dashboard
  • Several Bug Fixes
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