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Release Goals: 

  • Usability Improvements to Sharing
  • Batch Sharing and report creation
  • Empower users to easily "communicate data" in new ways - stacked charts

New Features:

  • Additional Chart Types- Create "Stacked" type charts to a report or dashboard because to represent your data in a better way.
  • Batch Sharing based on a filter - You can share a report and the charts and tables in a batch manner by selecting a field in the report with email address.   Each emailaddress will get an email with an individualized report with the filter turned on for just their data.  Great for report cards, progress reports, and customized viewed by person.
  • Sharing Improvements - simplified sharing reports and dashboards to existing and non-existing users
  • Overall Multi-series- you can now include the overall result for each series in a multi-series chart
  • Several Bug Fixes- Formstack integration fixes
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