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Release Goals: 

Improvements and additions to:

  • "Supercrunch Cloud Data"- support for third party cloud hosted data
  • "Better tables"… for grouped data
  • "Comparing Metrics"…in custom metrics
  • "Do the time"… more time support for week and quarters
  •  Empower users to easily "communicate data" in new ways

User Stories:

  • Table view for charts - on the dashboard you can now view the data in a table view for data in the chart
  • Color Scheme Selection - you now have the ability to change the color scheme on my charts to control the color and data context
  • Pivot Table- Column Pivoting - Improvements to the pivot table for grouping by columns
  • Custom Metric to compare data- Including fields from other reports - custom metrics can include data fields from another report so you can create metrics that compare data with different filter selections.
  • Time - Quarter and Week - you can now create a table or chart based on week or quarter
  • Cloud Data - you can now incorporate more sources of data into your reports so you can supercrunch contact forms, surveys, and other web forms.  Integration with formstack and remote hosted CSV
  • Bug Fixes: several bug fixes based on feedback

Documentation Updates:

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