Blog from January, 2012

Supercruncher Release 01.17.2012 - Maps, Pivots, and Custom Metrics

Release Goal: 

  • New and Easier ways to visually display and communicate data through maps. 
  • Improve the display and navigation of grouped data and their aggregates. 
  • Improve Navigation to support faster access to recently access reports. 
  • Added support for custom metrics for advanced calculations. 
  • Improvements to Data Transfer Agent to make configuration more centralized 

New Features and Changes:

  • Security: Several Failed attempts on login are locked out to keep data secure.
  • Custom Metrics: create a custom metric that will allow me to total, add, subtract, divide, or multiply multiple fields or values with custom math and formulas.
  • US Map Type Charts: create a US(states), US(States), US(Single State County), US(Regions) map chart using a field zipcode or phone number in your data.  
  • Grouping/Pivot Table: Grouping and Aggregates - As a user, I would like to view grouped table data as a pivot table with the groups drillable and the aggregates summarized for each group because I want to see the the rollup and roll down of table data and the aggregates.
  • Last 5 reports Viewed -you can see the last 5 reports viewed in the Reports navigation drop down to quickly jump from one report to another.
  • Bug Fixes:  fixes issue with activity stream events, group by month issue, keyword search not applying to tables and charts, +15 others.