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General Guides, Frequently asked Questions, and Research Studies

Student User Guide provides step-by-step instructions for using MY Access! as a student.

Student Quick Reference Guide provides general student guidelines for using MY Access.

Teacher Quick Reference Guide provides general getting started instructions for using MY Access as a teacher.

CiteSmart Guide  provides instructions for using CiteSmart.

Intellimetric (FAQ)  Frequently asked Intellimetric (AI) scoring questions.

How Intellimetric Works  In-depth Intellimetric information.

Non-scorable Flags provides a description of each non-scorable flag.

MY Tutor and Standards Alignment provides an overview of how MY Tutor is aligned to Common Core and State standards.

GMAC Intellimetric Research provide an Evaluation of IntelliMetric™ Essay Scoring System Using Responses to GMAT® AWA Prompts 

MY Access! Efficacy Report

User Management

Enterprise Account Management System provides an overview of the MY Access! Enterprise Management System

District Enterprise Account Management System  provides step-by-step  instructions for MY Access!-District SIS integration to automate student account management.

District Enterprise Management End of Year Procedures  provides step-by-step end of year instructions.

Enterprise student template.  This file is for districts using MY Access! Enterprise System for onboarding students.

District Import Users Process for bulk upload of students, teachers and administrators.

   adminTeacherbatchtemplate(2020) enables districts to bulk upload admin and teachers to multiple schools in a single file.

   studentTemplate (2020) for single file school upload of students.

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