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Users can reply to any email within a ticket thread.  The most recent ticket is displayed at the bottom of the thread.  To reply to an email within a ticket, click the reply button ().  This will open the email compose window where you can type out your reply and send.

Clicking 'Reply' will open up the email compose window within the ticket thread. 

  1. The email address of the recipient you are replying "To" will be displayed at the top of the email compose window.  To remove this recipient and add another, click to the right of the email address and hit "Backspace" on your keyboard.  To add another recipient, you can type-to-search for the recipient or go into the Advanced Search option to find the recipient.  *All emails being sent out of delyte must be associated to a record (account or contact) in delyte.
  2. You can Cc or Bcc additional email addresses to outgoing emails in delyte.  Simply click the "Cc" or "Bcc" option to populate the Cc/Bcc recipient box.  Type out the full email address of the desired Cc/Bcc recipient. *Cced and Bcced recipients do not need to be associated to a record in delyte. 
  3. Email Templates are available to be used for outgoing emails in delyte.  Email templates are added by a site administrator.  Visit this link for more information on using email templates.
  4. The email toolbar is found above the email body text area.  This toolbar includes the tools you need to customize format, insert tables, spellcheck, copy, cut, paste and more. 
  5. To attach additional files to your outgoing email, click the attachment icon at the bottom-left of the email compose window.  You can also drag and drop files from your desktop into the email compose window to attach files.
  6. At the bottom-right of the email compose window are the 'Cancel' and 'Send' buttons.  Clicking 'Cancel' will erase any text you have entered and take you out of the email compose window.  Clicking 'Send' will send the email you have composed to the recipient in the 'To' section and any additional recipients in the Cc and Bcc sections.
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