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CorrectEnglish Browser Extensions

CorrectEnglish can now be added as an extension to your web browser.  Once installed, your personalized CE bubble identifies writing errors and makes intelligent suggestions on your everyday writing wherever it is done on the web.  It is smart enough to flag common ESL errors and even understands misuse of commonly confused words, such as affect and effect.   

The CE consumer bubble looks like this: 

It is easy to install the CE browser extension.  Just click on the "Add CorrectEnglish to Chrome (or Firefox)" located on the homepage.   You will be guided through the install extension process.    Anyone can experience the power of CorrectEnglish for free to check up to 250 words.  
When the word limit is reached, the icon will look like this.
To experience the full power of the CorrectEnglish, we recommend upgrading to the CE Complete Web Edition.  The subscription plans and pricing are available at

The icon will be located in the upper right-hand corner of your browser ribbon.

Web-based text areas will display the CE icon in the lower right-hand corner.   CorrectEnglish will check your writing in real-time!

Existing CorrectEnglish Subscribers

 If you have an active account, just install the CE browser extension and login with your CE credentials.  You can easily toggle over to the Complete Edition from the extension page or click on

Can I turn off the Extension?

  There may be occasions when you do not want to use the extension.   There are a number of options:

  • Click on the “Turn off autochecking for the next 60 minutes.”

  • Click on Turn off CE extension on this site.  This will turn off the extension on the domain. 

Can I uninstall the extension?

The extension can be uninstalled by locating your browser's settings to locate and uninstall extensions.

What if I forget my Password?

 Click on the "Forgot password" link to enter your email. A link to reset your password will be emailed to you.  

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