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Sending an SMS in AMPED

SMS messages can be sent to Leads and Contacts in AMPED who have a mobile number saved to their records. Click the SMS button in the Record Header to open the SMS Conversation Window. Click into the textbox and begin typing your message. Click “Send” to send your message when you are ready! All sent messages will be saved in the Conversation Window and can be found in the Activity History Section.

Receiving SMS from Known Numbers

SMS messages received that from a mobile number that is saved to one record in AMPED will go directly to that record. These messages can be found in the SMS Conversation Window and in the Activity History. You will receive an in-app notification each time you receive an SMS message in AMPED.

Receiving SMS from Unknown Numbers

If you receive an SMS message from a mobile number that has multiple record associations or no record associations, the message with be sent to the SMS Records tab in your Messages Module. Here, you can create a new record or choose which record you wish to associate the SMS message to.

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