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Outlook Bi-Directional and Reverse Sync Enhancements

Today you will notice a small modification to the name of the activity record “Details” field. The “Details” field will now be called “Notes”. The functionality of the field is not changing. It will remain a private field on the activity where you can store any notes related to the activity or interaction.  

What do you need to do about this change? 

Nothing. All information previously added to the “Details” field will still exist, but the field will now be called “Notes”. 

Introducing a new checkbox field to "Activity Operations" called "Sync to [Integrated Calendar Provider]" Where [Calendar Provider] is Outlook or Google Calendar

When the "Sync to [Integrated Calendar Provider]" checkbox is selected, the event will sync back to the integrated calendar according to the user preferences, and the new 'Event Details' field will populate the description or body.
If reverse sync or bi-directional sync is not chosen, the "Event Details" field or "Sync to [Calendar Provider]" field will not be displayed 

Scheduled Email Blast Improvements 

You can now schedule campaign mass emails to send at a future date and time. With this feature, you can ensure emails are sent at the best time and date to optimize results and have a greater chance of being opened.

When sending an email, you can select “Send Now” to send the email at a point in time, or “Send Later” which will allow you to schedule the email for a future date and time. Selecting "Send Later" will produce a calendar icon. Click on the calendar, and set the date, and time you want to send your email. Select the date and click “Select.”

Admin Capability

Admins have access to Mass Email Management in the communications block of admin settings. Here, you can access the status and schedule of all mass email activities. As well as editing and deleting scheduled activities. Take note: if scheduled emails are not canceled 10 minutes before their scheduled time, they will go out automatically. You may not cancel a scheduled email that is already in progress.   

Find Scheduled Mass Emails

Scheduled email blasts appear on the contact/lead page in the emails section block for all parties involved with that activity, lead, or contact. If you are an administrator, you can also view email activity in Mass Email Management in admin settings.  

Modifying Scheduled Emails

The communication of the email activity can be modified by selecting the contacts and leads that are associated with the email blast. Just expand the emails section block on the contacts/leads page. Here, you can delete or add recipients, change the date and time, and edit the subject and details of the email. Once the time reaches 10 minutes prior to draft sending, you are no longer able to edit the email.  


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