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New Workflow Rule Condition: " Every Time User Becomes Owner" 

The Workflow module in AMPED provides a simple interface to add actions upon ‘Save’ of a record. These actions are automatically triggered when given conditions are met. The Workflow module provides a number of options to trigger actions based on conditions on ‘Save’ of records, date matches, or filter matches. For rule condition, "Every time user becomes owner" The application looks for the condition and as soon as the condition is true, it will execute the workflow. If the condition does not match, it will not execute the workflow.

Use Multiple Signatures in AMPED 

The "User Signature" block is found in user preferences. The user can create multiple signatures and set a primary signature that appears in all outgoing emails.

AMPED no longer counts inactive users as users

To calculate the total number of users, AMPED will only count active users. In this way, an enterprise account with 30 users can have unlimited inactive users, not just 30 inactive or active users. 

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