Planning and Organizing

Elements of Literature
Character Chart
Literature Series Discussion Guide
Sensory Descriptions Organizer
Comparison and Contrast
Verbs to Introduce References

Literary Analysis 6-pt Rubrics (Holistic and Trait)
Literary Analysis 4-pt Rubrics (Holistic and Trait)

Drafting/Revising and Editing

Revision Plan Guidelines
APA Guidelines
MLA Citation Guidelines
Word Bank-Literary terms
MY Editor Rules

Literary Prompt Catalog

Updated prompt catalogs are available.   Please apply search filters in step 1 of MY Access! assignment setup to locate all Literary prompts.  Keywords such as "multisource" will filter to display all prompts that require students to view/read one or more sources(text, video, quotes...) The title of the book or author in the prompt title will display prompts aligned to specific fiction or non-fiction.**

UE_ Literary Analysis Prompt Catalog
MS Literary Analysis Prompt Catalog
HS Literary Analysis Prompt Catalog
Higher Education Literary Analysis Catalog Nov 2019.pdf

Literary Writer's Models

EL: Literary Writer's Models
MS: Literary Writer's Models

Literary Lesson Plans 

EL:Bridge to Terabithia
MS: "Rice Sandwich"
MS:Theme in Literature
HS: "The Hiking Trip"
HS: Everyday Use