Use this checklist to evaluate your writing. This checklist is organized according to the five traits, domains, or characteristics of good writing. Click on MY Tutor ® for in-depth analysis, revision tips, examples and strategies to improve your writing prior to submission.



        I have read the writing topic and identified my audience and purpose.

        My writing focuses on a specific experience or event.

        I stay focused on the topic or task throughout my writing.



        My writing contains an engaging setting by adding specific (who, what, where, when) and descriptive details (sensory details for the reader to picture the story)

        My writing includes a detailed plot: introduction, rising action, climax (crisis), falling action and resolution.

        I created realistic characters by adding dialogue to show the characters’ thoughts and to add suspense.



        My story has an exciting beginning. I set the mood by describing how the setting, looks, feels, sounds or smells.

        I present the events of my story in a logical order, building effectively to the climax.

        I added transitions to show how events are connected. I have used an inviting introduction and a strong conclusion.

        My story has a creative ending. I added details such as how the problem was solved, characters’ feelings and what happened next.



        I varied the lengths of my sentences so that I have both long and short sentences.

        I have added details to describe how the nouns (people, places, and things) look, sound, feel, smell or act.

        I replaced weak verbs (for example: is, got, went) with strong verbs (for example: exist, received, darted).

        I added specific sensory details to help my reader experience what the character(s) in ny story experience.

        My characters’ dialogue sounds realistic to their specifications.


        I have read my story out loud (quietly to myself or a peer) so that I can hear my mistakes and correct them.


I will try to make my reader SMILE by checking:

        Sentences : Each sentence has a subject and verb.

        Punctuation Marks : Each sentence ends with a punctuation mark .

        Indents : Each new paragraph is indented .

        Letters : Each sentence starts with a capital letter .

        Editor : I have used MY Editor as a final check for possible errors in mechanics, style, punctuation and spelling.