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Magazine and Newspaper Articles

The Springfield Gazette recently featured a story on the ineffectiveness of requiring high school students to take part in volunteer work around the town.

Polls & Statistics

I took a survey of most of the students that rode the bus to school, and only 12% agreed with the new policy.

Past Occurrences

In Clark Township, a similar program was started in the middle school, and the test scores from the students there have gone up tremendously.

Press Conferences

At a press conference last January, Board of Education President Erin Welch said that the menu for all school lunches in the city was under review.

Results from Experiments

In each of my classes last week, I observed if either boys or girls raised their hands more to participate in class.

Opinions from Experts and Professionals

Mrs. Gerona, an English teacher at my school, stated that most of the teachers in our school would not be able to assign homework for each night of the week.

Reaction from Local Political Figures

Mayor Orchard has already publicly stated that he is opposed to the construction of another grocery store in town.

Feedback from Senators and Congressmen

Congressmen Fischer from Illinois affirmed yesterday that the country’s educational standards must continue to be raised.

Television Appearances

On Live Now , Charles Whalen said that the reason for the new requirements from shop owners was to help prevent underage children from purchasing such video games.

Interviews with Friends and Family

My father, who fought in the Vietnam War, said that many soldiers there were unsure of the actual political motives for being in the foreign land.

Passages from Textbooks and Passages

In “Swords and Stones,” Gwynne tells Percy that she does not agree with the way that he spoke to her father (Miller 356).    (That’s the author and page number)

Laws or Previous Court Decisions

In South Carolina, a judge recently fined parents because of their child’s bad behavior.

Quotations from Professional Websites

A recent forum post on Home Schooling Online provided a good model for new standards for students interested in continuing onto college.