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AMPED – Standard Issue Report


Please complete this form and submit as an email attachment to . For all issues, video is required in addition to a detailed description of the issue or exact steps to reproduce and the description of the desired outcome that can’t be achieved.


*Denotes required information for processing an issue report. If the required information is not provided, you are not guaranteed report of your issue.



Required Information


Example Information

AMPED Username*


AMPED Password





Describe in detail the issue you’re experiencing *


***Please provide detail about location in the application, features you’re using, and what you’re attempting to do that you are not able to perform.


I am not able to navigate easily between pages of a filter. It takes me over 20 seconds to navigate between pages of a filter loaded in accounts. The filter has both advanced filters as well as related filters.


Steps to reproduce*


* Time durations, field names and values, Filter names and values, record names, and steps to reproduce are all important.




  1. In accounts module load desired filter [Filter Name:ZZZZ]
  2. Select to Navigate between pages
  3. Duration of 25-35 seconds to load each of the pages

I’m not able to send out my email blast by end of day today because I’m having trouble creating smaller groups of recipients.


Video/Screencast *

* Please follow directions below to download Jing if you have not already done so. Please do not provide screenshots.


*report will not be processed without video AND sufficient description or steps to reproduce

Severity of Issue/Impact *



Minor – This is annoying, I’m not really impacted

Critical   - I have a work around but am impacted

Blocker - I have no work around that achieves the same end result


To Download Jing:

Download the free version of Jing. Once the application is set up you are now able to capture screenshots and videos. To capture a video, hover over the Jing “Sun” or open the application from your desktop tray, set your page parameters and then select to record video. Once the video is finished, select the Finish button on the record menu (it looks like a square). The video will then appear in a viewing window. *** DO NOT select the save as file button (floppy disk), instead upload your video to screencast (button that looks like three arrows pointing up). Wait for video to upload, and then paste the video link into this form. The video link will automatically be placed into your clipboard for easy pasting.