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Analyzing an Informative Prompt

Informative/Expository Outline


Planning your Informative Essay

Cluster Web

KWL Chart 
Venn Diagram-3 Topics

Focus  Worksheet Analyzing the Task 

T Chart

Informative /Expository Essay Checklist


6_pt_Informative/Expository  (Trait and Holistic)
4_pt_Informative/Expository (Trait and Holistic)

Informative/Expository  6-pt  Rubric (Student Version)

Informative/Expository 4-pt Rubric (Student Version)

MY Tutor Informative Expository Feedback
Peer Review Guidelines: Informative/Expository

Informative Writing Roadmaps

  1. Organization: Goal 1
  2. Content and Development: Goal 2
  3. Content and Development: Goal 2 and Revision plan
  4.  Content and Development: Goal 2 and  Organization: Goals 1 & 3

Drafting/ Revising/ Editing

Compare and Contrast-Developing the Body
Thesis Builder
Developing Informative Content
Research and References
Revision Plan Guidelines

Working with Resources

In-text Citation

Examples of Source-based Evidence

Types of Evidence

Informative/Expository Prompt Catalogs

 The updated prompt catalogs are available. To view online, please apply search filters in step 1 of MY Access! assignment setup to locate all informative/expository prompts.  Keywords such as "multisource" will filter to display all prompts that require students to view/read one or more sources(text, video, quotes...).**

Upper Elementary IE Catalog
Middle School IE Prompt Catalog
High School IE Prompt Catalog

Higher Education IE Prompt Catalog

Informative/Expository Writer's Models

Elementary Informative Models 
Elementary Text based Informational Models

Middle School Informative Models

Middle School Text-based Informational Models
High School Informative Models

High School Text-based Informative Models (Bullying,Effects of Emotion on Behavior,Effects of Television Viewing on Young People,The Challenges and Uses of Native American Languages,The Poster Boys of World War II)

High School-Speeches Discussing the Environment

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