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     Today you will notice a small modification to the name of the Activity record “Details” field. The “Details” field will now be called “Notes”. The functionality of the field is not changing. It will remain a private field on the activity where you can store any notes related to the activity or interaction.  

     What do you need to do about this change? 

     Nothing. All information previously added to the “Details” field will still exist, but the field will now be called “Notes”. 

     Introducing a new checkbox field to "Activity Operations" for "Sync to [Integrated Calendar Provider]" Where [Calendar Provider] is Outlook or Google Calendar


   When sending an email, you can select “Send Now” to send the email at a point in time, or “Send Later” which will allow you to schedule the email for a future date and time. Selecting "Send Later" will produce a calendar icon. Click on the calendar, and set the date, and time you want to send your email. Select the date and click “Select.”