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How do I?

Create and Assign a MY Prompt Prompt - Step by Step instructions

Add a Demo Group and Student  Student for Modeling Instruction - Step by Step Instructions

Complete Special Instructions - Convey teacher expectations, add sources and provide additional instructions


Use Keywords to find prompts - type the following in the Keyword section on Step 1 of the Assignment Wizard (remember to enclose phrases in quotes)

  • type " multisource " - find prompts that require students to read, watch or listen to sources and cite them in the essay
  • type " Author's last name" - to find prompts associated with an author's works
  • type " Main word in a book or story title " - to see if there is a prompt associated with the work; you may also try typing this in the Title Area
  • Find prompts that mirror state tests - type acronym for the test i.e. caasp, sbac, parcc. sol
  • Special Type special topics i.e.

Revision Strategies

MY Tutor - Guide students to apply one or two goals for each revision