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Click here to learn how to create a filter.

Segment Chunk your Blast

If your campaign's targeted campaign’s audience is greater than 5,000 recipients, be sure to segment your you must split the audience into smaller groups with a max group size of up to 5,000 recipients per group..

Each group should be split into intervals of last name. For example, a target audience that must be split into two groups will be split by last name. The first group will contain recipients whose last name starts with letters between A-L while the second group will contain recipients whose last name starts with M-Z. (i.e. A-L, M-Z).  A blast can be sent to one group every 30 minutes. This will ensure even and timely sendingensures even distribution of domains in each email, so they are not marked as spam.

Time Your Emails Right

Studies show that emails sent out between Tuesday-Thursday from 9-11 am as well as 1-3pm generally return higher open-rates. Planning your campaigns accordingly can lead to optimal email metrics.