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Student Writing Tools

Prewriting: Using Graphic Organizers. Graphic organizers assist students in generating ideas and planning a course of action in order to produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

MY Access! Informative/Expository Graphic Organizer is available in the Writer's Tools.

Students can enter their ideas into the organizer, and automatically load their prewriting into the essay writing screen.

Loadable Graphic Organizers now include:

  • Argumentative Outline
  • Persuasive Outline
  • Narrative Outline
  • Informative/Expository Outline

Student Writing Resources. Students can easily view supporting instructional resources. Click here for a quick view of student resources.

Integration Support.   MY Access! is now a certified Clever Application.

Clever, Schoology, and ClassLink. 

  • Usernames and Passwords are NOT displayed.
  • Profile information cannot be manually edited. All profile information is managed through the Clever, Schoology, or ClassLink-District system.
  • Students cannot be manually added to an existing Classlink/Schoology or CLever created roster.

  • **A teacher can create a group manually and add manually created demostudents. This provide support for instructional use. Please reach out to your school/district admin or Vantage Literacy team to manually create demo students.**

Enterprise Management System.  Gender is no longer a required field. Districts using the MY Access! eAMS  are not required to enter a gender value ( X=Non-binary, M=Male, or F=Female) onboarding process. The gender field can be left blank.