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Videos - Downloadable Video Questions - Answers

EnglishSpanishDiscussion Questions - Note: These do not appear on the Student page

What is MY Access! (2:28)

¿Qué es MY Access!? (3:28)

  1. What is MY Access!
  2. Which tool in MY Access! will help you with revision?
  3. Which tool helps you with editing?
  4. How will the scores help you improve your writing?
How can I get to the assignment? (2:28)¿Cómo puedo llegar a la tarea? (3:38)
  1. Where do I find my assignments?
  2. What is on the writing page?
  3. How do I submit my writing for a scores
  4. How do I get back to the assignment so that I can begin my revision?
How can I see the Student Special Instructions? (0:51)Cómo puedo ver las Instrucciones especiales? (1:36)
  1. What kind of information can be shared in Special instructions?
  2. Where are the two places I can view Special Instructions?
Where are the Tools? (1:55)

¿Dónde están las herramientas? (3:21)

  1. Where can I find MY Tutor and how will it help me?
  2. In addition to goals, what other information does MY Tutor provide?
  3. How do I use MY Editor to correct my errors?
  4. Where is the Word Bank located and how can it help me improve my writing?
How do I view my essays? (2:38) 

¿Cómo veo mis ensayos? (3:58)

  1. Where can I see all my writing and my scores?
  2. How can I view, print or save any essay?
  3. Why should I check my portfolio often?
Loading Outlines (video)Cargando Esquemas
Student Revision Plan (4:07)

Plan de revisión (5:42)

Student Resources

Student MY Access! Tour Guide 

Applying Teacher's Comments


Student Revision Plan (video)

Student Revision Plan

Exporting and Saving essays from the Portfolio 



and Revising Documents:

General Planning

Loading Outlines (video)


Four Square Graphic Organizer

Cluster WebK-W-L Chart
Venn Diagram-3 Topics

Four Square Graphic Organizer
Focus Checklist-Analyzing a Task before you Write
T Chart


Character Chart
Dialogue Tags
Narrative Outline


Argument Outline  
Argument Checklist  

Persuasive (Opinion) Outline   
Persuasive (Opinion) Checklist   

Drafting/ Revising


Cluster Web
Research and References
Thesis Builder
Peer Review-Persuasive Writing Guidelines


Compare and Contrast-Developing the Body
Thesis Builder
Developing Informative Content
Research and References
Peer Review Guidelines: Informative/Expository


Plotting a Narrative
Narrative Timeline


KWL Chart 

Venn Diagram



Analyzing a Narrative Prompt

Narrative Writing Outline 

Character Chart

Narrative Checklist

Narrative Notes

Plotting a Narrative

Sensory Descriptions Organizer

Narrative Writing Guide


Analyzing an Informative Prompt

Informative Expository Outline

Planning your Informative Essay

Developing Informative Content

Peer Review Guide 

Informative/Expository Checklist


Analyzing a Persuasive Prompt

Analyzing an Argument Prompt

Argument Writing Checklist

Argument Outline

Persuasive (Opinion) Checklist

Persuasive (Opinion) Outline


Elements of Literature

Working with Sources

In-text Citation

Types of Evidence

Examples of Source-based Evidence

MLA Style

APA Style

Word Bank





Commonly Confused Words

Student Rubrics

Informative - 6 point

Informative - 4 point

Literary - 6 point

Literary - 4 point

Narrative - 6 point

Narrative -4 point 

Persuasive - 6 point

Persuasive - 4 point

Argument - 6 point 

Argument - 4 point

My Tutor Feedback

MY Tutor Goals Grades 3-5

MY Tutor Goals Grades 6-12

Attaching a Roadmap to an Assignment

Writing Roadmaps - Blank Template