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MY Access!


is effective whether teaching in a bricks-and-mortar, blended, or completely on-line classroom.  After all, good teaching is good teaching and, most importantly, we are here to help!
We've developed both print and video resources, using the MY Access! tools. We also encourage you to schedule a webinar to discuss best practices. Just contact Dr. Madeline Pan ( VP Professional Learning Connections or your Literacy Specialist.

View or download the following resources: 

Knowing how to begin

Teacher Quick Reference Guide - Learning to navigate MY Access! for teachers

Reference Guides

Teacher (coming soon)

Student User Guide

Teacher Resources

Planning - Expectations and Evaluation:

Setting the Expectations

 Including Special Instructions

Accessing Student Work

Viewing Student Portfolios

Providing Feedback

Commenting on Student work

Student Revision Plan

Distance Learning Writing Lesson in 4 Steps  - This is a step by step lesson plan covering an entire writing lesson over several days

Student Resources

Viewing Teacher's Comments

Viewing the Special Instructions

Student Revision PlanStudent Quick Reference Guide - Learning to navigate MY Access! students

Student Tour Guide - This  "map" will lead students through an exploration of the program (great for teachers too)

Preparation Checklist - Easy first steps

Introductory Lesson Outline - Simple lesson introducing the program to students

Four Step Writing Lesson Plan   - Step by step writing lesson plan, multiple class sessions

CiteSmart Guide - (Originality/Plagiarism Detection) – A guide to enabling and using this optional feature

See the How-to Video Library for more help.

How do I?

Begin to use MY Access: Basic Directions

Single Sign-on Directions -Single sign on Basic Directions - (Use this if you use a single sign-on service like Clever, ClassLink, Schoology etc.)

Create and Name Groups

Create and Assign a MY Prompt 

MY Prompt Writing Guidelines  - A guide for successful prompt construction

Add a Demo Group and Student for Modeling Instruction - Step by Step Instructions

Make Changes to Assigned Prompts

Help Student use the Loadable Outlines

Complete Special Instructions - Convey teacher expectations, add sources and provide additional instructions

View the Portfolio - View/Print/Save student essays, track growth and view report data

Add Comments - Provide individualized and group writing feedback to guide revision 

Help Students Create a Revision Plan - Teach students to set goals, strategies and reflect on revision

Help Students Safely Copy and Paste an essay into MY Access! - video

Use Keywords to find prompts - type the following in the Keyword section on Step 1 of the Assignment Wizard (remember to enclose phrases in quotes)

  • type multisource - find prompts that require students to read, watch or listen to sources and cite them in the essay
  • type Author's last name - to find prompts associated with an author's works
  • type Main word in a book or story title - to see if there is a prompt associated with the work; you may also try typing this in the Title Area
  • Find prompts that mirror state tests - type acronym for the test i.e. caasp, sbac, parcc. sol
  • Type special topics i.e.

Revision Strategies

MY Tutor - Guide students to apply one or two goals for each revision

 Writing Roadmaps - Provide students with directions for completing the writing process from pre-writing to revision and editing in all genres.

Attaching a Roadmap to an Assignment

Writing Roadmaps - Blank Template