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Planning and Organizing

Analyzing a Narrative Prompt

Narrative Writing Outline 

Character ChartTime Line

Dialogue Tags

Gallery Walk Prewriting Handout

Narrative Checklist

Narrative Outline Notes

Narrative Writing Guide

Plotting a Narrative

Sensory Description Descriptions Organizer


6_pt_Narrative (Trait and Holistic)

4_pt_Narrative (Trait and Holistic)

Narrative 6-pt Rubric (Student Version)

Narrative 4-pt Rubrics (Holistic and Trait)Rubric (Student Version)

Narrative Writing Roadmaps

Writing Road Map Template

Organization:  Goal 1 

Content & Development: Goal  1

Content & Development: Goal 2 

Drafting/ Revising/ Editing

Plotting a Narrative

Narrative Writing Outline 

Narrative Wizard Notes
Word Bank Narrative Timeline
Revision Plan Guidelines

MY Editor Rules and Categories

Narrative Lesson Plans

ES: A Special Day
ES: A Trunk in the Attic
MS: Happiest Times
MS: Learning from Experience
MS: Life in Twenty Years
HS: Memorable Childhood EventTutor Narrative Feedback

Narrative Writing Guide

Prompt Catalog

 Please apply search filters to locate all narrative prompts.  Keywords such as "multisource" will filter to display all prompts that require students to view/read one or more sources(text, video, quotes...) Keyword "picture" can be used to locate picture prompts.**

ES_Picture_Prompts Catalog
MS_Picture_Prompts Catalog
HS_Picture_Prompts Catalog

UE Narrative Prompt Catalog
MS Narrative Prompt Catalog
HS Narrative Prompt Catalog
HE Narrative Prompt Catalog

Narrative Writer's Models

EL Narrative Models
MS Narrative_Models
HS Narrative_Models