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Many of the pdf documents are fillable by downloading and saving to your computer.

Planning/ Organizing

Analyzing a Persuasive Prompt

Analyzing an Argument Prompt 

Argument Outline   Add information about  this outline
Argument Checklist  Add information about this checklist  

Persuasive (Opinion) Outline     Add information about the Persuasive Outline
Persuasive (Opinion) Checklist   Add something about it

Persuasive/Argument 6-pt Rubrics (Holistic and Trait) 
Persuasive/Argument 4-pt Rubrics (Holistic and Trait)

Drafting/ Revising/ Editing 

Organizing your Essay
Thesis Builder
Revision Plan Guidelines
Peer Review Guidelines: Persuasive Writing
APA Style Sheet - update
MLA Style Sheet – update
Research Terms
Word Bank
MY Editor Rules and Categories

Persuasive/Argument Lesson Plans 


High School
Higher Education

Intellimetric Writer's Models

High School
Higher Education  


Four Square

Cluster Web_

Organizing Essay Outline PDF
Organizing Essay Outline Word Document

Research and References
Thesis Builder

Peer Review Guidelines

Revision Plan Guidelines


6_pt_Persuasive Argument (Trait and Holistic)

4_pt_Persuasive Argument  (Trait and Holistic)

Persuasive  6-pt Rubric (Student Version)

Persuasive 4-pt Rubric  (Student Version)

Argument  6-pt Rubric (Student Version)

Argument  4-pt Rubric (Student Version)

MY Tutor Argument Feedback

MY Tutor Persuasive Feedback

MY Editor Rules

Argument Writing Roadmaps

1. Organization: Goal 1

2. Organization: Goal 2

3. Content and Development: Goal 2

4. Content and Development: Goal 2 and Organization: Goals 1 & 3

Persuasive Writing Roadmaps

1. Organization Goal 1

2. Organization Goal 2

3. Content and Development Goal 1

4. Content and Development Goal 2

Working with Sources

In-text Citation

Types of Evidence

Examples of Source-based Evidence 

Prompt Catalog

Updated Prompt Catalogs are available (Updated Dec 2019). Please apply search filters in step 1 of MY Access! assignment setup to locate all persuasive/argument prompts.  Keywords such as "multisource" will filter to display all prompts that require students to view/read one or more sources(text, video, quotes...).

UE_Persuasive/Argumentative Prompt Catalog

Writer's Models

EL Persuasive Writer's Models
MS Persuasive/Argument Models
   Helicopter Parents
   Illegal Immigration Writer's Models
   Is Napping Beneficial?

High School Persuasive Models

   Tiger Farming_ Pro or Con