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User Management Video Tutorials

  • Examinee User Creation. This video tutorial will guide you through the process of creating examinees (right click on the video to open in a new tab).
  • Non-examinee User Creation. This video tutorial will guide you through the process of creating non-examinees (site admin, reporter, proctor, assignment admin). 

Express users may be classified into two categories - examinees and non-examinees. 

Non examinees and their basic roles are described as follows:



Organization Administrator (admin)

Has access to manage all functions within an organization and across its sites. In addition, Org Admins can:

  • Create site admins
  • Add sites
  • Add/edit manually examinee attributes
  • Manage coupons
  • View item analysis report
  • Create dashboard examinee messages.

Site Administrator (siteadmin)

  • Create and manage proctors, reporters and examinees for a site.
  • Administer organization level tests.
  • Create and administer site level assignments.
  • View site examinee results
  • Can only belong to one site. The site can be modified. However, once the site has been changed, the site admin will not be able to view the examinees or data associated with the previous/historical site(s).
  • View the roster report with data for the site. Cannot view item analysis report.

Assignment Administrator (assignmentadmin)

Create assignments and promotions/coupons.

Reporter/Report Administrator (reportadmin)

  • Views examinee data based upon attribute called ReportScope=Site   Site=value
  • View the roster report for examinee data associated with the site

Proctor (proctor)

  • Administers and proctors tests
  • View examinee list and test results
  • Administer organization level tests and site admin tests
  • Proctor site can be modified; however, the proctor will not view the examinees associated with historical proctor site
  • Proctor can only belong to one site


Attributes are additional information or data that is relevant to a user, for example Site. It may be used to specify user and associated data access within the organization. 

Organization Administrators may change or update users' information (such as password, role, site, etc) or attributes from by locating the user the User List,  and clicking on the corresponding  icon. 

Attribute: Site

Adding an Examinee to a Site

Examinee attributes can be added/updated using the Examinee CSV Import tool. An examinee's attributes can be viewed from the Examinee Attributes tab (User List - User Profile). 

Move Examinee from one Site to another

Add User to Multiple Sites

Users may belong to more than one Site at a time. Additional sites can be added to users by adding a + to the Site header (+Site) and imported (using the corresponding CSV tool)

Import Header example: User Name,password,First Name,Last Name,Email,+Site

IMPORTANT: if the + is not included in front of the Site header, the current Site attribute of the user will be overwritten by the new Site attribute being imported.

Use Case 1: 

Proctor and Reporter both have the Site attribute called Florida Keys Community College (Key West). Examinees imported also have the Site attribute Florida Keys Community College (Key West). 

The proctor will be able to view the examinee list and associated data in the roster report for Florida Keys Community College (Key West) examinees.

The Reporter can view only examinee data (roster and item analysis) for Florida Keys Community College (Key West).   

Use Case 2: Proctor and examinee both have the Site attribute called Florida Keys Community College (Key West). The examinee Site attribute is updated to Broward College (Fort Lauderdale).

Import Header Example:

User Name,Password, First Name, Last Name, Email, Site, 2Beagle,Cally, Maguire,, Broward College (Fort Lauderdale)


The examinee will be removed from Florida Keys site and added to Broward College (Fort Lauderdale). 

Proctor Florida Keys Community College (Key West) will no longer see the examinee in the user list or associated data in reports.

Use Case 3:

Proctor and examinee have a Site attribute called Florida Keys Community College (Key West).  Additional site Broward College (Fort Lauderdale) added to examinee profile by adding a + to Site (+Site) and imported.

Import Header Example:

User Name, password, First Name, Last Name, Email,+Site, 2Beagle,Cally, Maguire,, Broward College (Fort Lauderdale)     


The examinee profile will now show two site attributes (see image).

Proctor Florida Keys and Proctor Broward College would both be able to see this examinee in the user list and associated data as well.