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How do IStudent Student Videos

How do I? Use the program  - Use this sheet as a - Use these sheets and videos to learn more about how to use MY Access! - Teachers may add special instructions to the assignment. It is important for you to read those instructions. Here is a sheet that tell you how to do just that.

Planning and Revising Documents:

General Planning

Loading Outlines (video)


Four Square

Cluster Web

KWL Chart 

Venn Diagram



Analyzing a Narrative Prompt

Narrative Writing Outline 

Character Chart

Narrative Notes

Plotting a Narrative

Narrative Timeline

Sensory Descriptions Organizer

Narrative Writing Guide

Narrative Checklist


Analyzing an Informative Prompt

Informative Expository Outline

Planning your Informative Essay

Developing Informative Content

Peer Review Guide

Informative/Expository  Checklist


Analyzing a Persuasive Prompt

Analyzing an Argument Prompt

Argument Writing Checklist

Argument Outline

Persuasive (Opinion) Checklist

Persuasive (Opinion) Outline


Elements of Literature

Working with Resources

In-text Citation

Types of Evidence

Examples of Source-based Evidence

MLA Style

APA Style

Word Bank





Commonly Confused Words

Student  Rubrics 

Informative - 6 point

Informative - 4 point 

Literary - 6 point

Literary - 4 point

Narrative - 6 point 

Narrative - 4 point

Persuasive - 6 point 

Persuasive - 4 point

Argument  - 6 point

Argument - 4 point

My Tutor Feedback

MY Tutor Goals Grades 3-5

MY Tutor Goals Grades 6-12 


   Writing Roadmaps