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Distance learning can be as rewarding as teaching in a bricks-and-mortar classroom, if in different ways. After all, good teaching is good teaching and, most importantly, we are here to help!
We've developed both print and video resources, emphasizing online teacher/student communication using MY Access! Special Instructions, Comments and Revision Plans. We also encourage you to schedule a webinar to discuss best practices. Just contact Dr. Madeline Pan ( VP Professional Learning Connections or your Literacy Specialist.

View or download the following resources: 

Getting Started

Teacher User Guide

Student User Guide

Preparation Checklist

Introductory Lesson Outline

Teacher Resources

Designing Instruction (video)

Writing Process Templates

Sample Blank

Communicating with Students

Conveying Clear Expectations (video)

Special Instructions

Engaging Learners Online (video)

Tracking Student Writing Growth (video)

 Viewing Student Portfolios

Providing Personalized Writing Feedback (video)

Commenting on Student Writing

Student Revision Plan (video)

Student Revision Plan

Four Step Writing Lesson Plan   - This is a step by step lesson plan covering an entire writing lesson over several days

Student Resources

Exploring MY Access!

Applying Teacher's Comments

Viewing Special Instructions

Student Revision Plan (video)

Student Revision Plan