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Ticket reports are defaulted to display data within the current month.  Each report has date selector and multi-select filters that allow users to dig further into their data.  Multi-select filters have the option to "Exclude Selection" which removes that data from the reports.  Selected filters can be cleared by clicking "Reset Filters".

Excluding a Selection

Excluding a selection allows you to filter out certain aspects of your data.  Multi-select pick lists allow you to exclude multiple values at once. When the slider is marked green, you are excluding the selections you have made. Notice in the above image, we are excluding all tickets with the Status = "Closed". 

Historical Filtering

Historical filtering allows you to dive deeper into your data.  When you select the "As of" check box, you can choose to see the Current Day, Week, Month or Quarter "As of" a historical period of time.  For example, the month is August 2018 and you want to compare your closed tickets from August of 2017.  Simply choose to see the Current Month "As of" Last Year to display the details from August 2017.

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