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These tutorials are intended for administrator users, and to serve as a guide to AMPED settings, configurations, and features.

A user with administrative privileges is able to access all of the functionalities related to the setup of AMPED by accessing the Admin menu in the top right corner of the desktop layout. These functionalities include creation of new users, assigning user access and action permissions, and the ability to customize structure, site layout, create email templates, and set up workflow, among others. A user with administrative privileges also has permission to access all existing records within the application. 

Amped Administrative Guide.docx

Each site is created with one administrator user per site. Credentials for this user are given to each company during the customization and implementation process. To give administrative privileges to a new or existing user, enter the Users module in Admin Settings. On the create/edit user screen, select the admin check box to make that user a site admin.

View the administrative guide below for a detailed look at each admin module.  

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