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Custom Rubric AI Scoring and Reporting. Adaptera Build provides the tools and advanced artificial intelligence technologies (Intellimetric) to support an organization's rubrics.

Use Case 1.  An educational institution requires students to compose responses to prompts that are scored based upon a 6-pt scale, seven domain/trait rubric.

Use Case 2.  Individuals who want to practice for the writing portion of the GMAT exam, purchase practice tests through the GMAC store. The student's essay is scored by Intellimetric based upon the GMAT writing rubric.

Batch Print Individual Reports An organization can select one, many or up to 50 individual reports and batch print in .pdf format.

Automated Onboarding of Job Applicants

Use Case.   The HR team within the major corporation requires job applicants to submit an essay as one measure of their written communication skills. The question/prompt is specific to the position and vacancy id. The applicant has 48 hours to complete the assessment.

  • Office completes a processing template that is securely sent for processing.
  • Applicants receive custom email with instructions and secure, time stamped activation url
  • Applicants click and are launched to the dashboard.
  • Applicants complete the essay and submit for AI scoring within the specified time allowed.
  • Each office receives processing status
  • Office/HR can easily view applicant's written communication skill level, and additional required data.

Plagiarism Score and Report

Use Case.   An organization requires all job applicants to submit a written response to a specific job-related task. In addition to the essay and scores, the organization also wants a similarity score with a report that includes % of the applicant's text that is similarity to other documents, and a detailed report that highlights the specific text that is identical, similar, and cited.

Assignment Setting. New Report Configuration Option. 

Use Case.   An organization wants the reporter, proctor, and admin to view a detailed individual report with score information; however, requires the examinee to view a custom message upon assessment completion.  No score information can be displayed to the examinee.   This new configuration enables the admin the option to uncheck the "Display Score in Dashboard."      

Custom Branding

Use Case.  Each Adaptera organization has their own short name/url and custom branding.  New organizations include:

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