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Originality Report

Several additional Vantage technologies are available to organizations. This includes originality detection service that leverages Vantage's advanced artificial intelligence and linguistic technologies.

The roster report includes the PlagScore (% Similar).  An admin will now be able to click on the score to display a detailed report that includes:

  • Identical matches. 
  • Minor changes.
  • Marked as cited (quotations are used).
  • Actionable sources.

Self-registration Form

Adaptera supports several onboarding processes including 1). batch upload,  2). manual creation, 3). API user creation, and self-registration.   

A new addition to the  self-registration form is the ability for an organization admin to edit custom fields.

  • Click on Users
  • Select Self-registration settings
  • View the default self-registration fields and additional custom fields if created.
  • Click on the edit icon to view/edit response options or values.

  • The left-hand column (Labels). The labels are the what the examinee/submitter will view
  • Clicking directly in the displayed label option will enable quick editing of the label.
  • The options column displays several useful editing tools (move, up/down), add new row, delete row)
  • Each of the labels can also be quickly moved to another location on the list by clicking on the row to move the entire row within the table

 Advanced Option-Use Separate Values.  By default, clicking on "Use Separate Values," will display the values column on the right-hand of Labels column.   

The value, on the other hand, is what systems read as the name of a field. This can be identical to the label but frequently this is different such as being all lowercase instead of having any uppercase letters like the label might have. Values often have dashes (-) and underscores (_) in the name as well.

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